Contact Springs Used For…

  • Electrical Contact
  • Mechanical Retention
  • EMI Shielding

Contact Elements are springs that transmit high currents in small spaces. They mechanically connect two pieces and they compensate for mating surface irregularities and misalignments. In static applications, the two connected pieces can be easily detached. In dynamic applications, the two pieces can be moved in axial as well as radial direction.


  • latching/locking
  • holding
  • centering
  • conducting
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • grounding
  • tolerance compensation

The amount of current that can be transmitted depends on various parameters. Canted (or slanted) Coil springs produce a very flat load curve when compressed and operate at nearly constant force over a wide deflection range

Typical materials are CuCr1Zr and Beryllium Copper as wire material but other alloys are also used for superior corrosion resistance. Gold, Silver and Nickel plating are also available. They are available in Light, Medium and High load series in both standard and custom sizes to meet your specific application requirements.

Our Elements protect systems and components from electromagnetic interference (EMI). The spring acts as sealing that transmits current between the male and the female part of a connector. Various interface designs, materials and coatings are available.

Our Springs show high conductivity. The contact force on each contact point is nearly constant over the lifetime and withstands vibration. Therefore, we have lower transfer impedance over the lifetime compared with other products.