Electrical Connectors


Electrical connectors maintain signal integrity in MWD, LWD and wireline applications in HPHT einvironments.


Rampart’s sole contract partner in Germany is HAKORA Sealing Technology GmbH, specialized in production and sale of customized sealing systems, special machined parts and electronic components made of various high-performance plastics as well as sealing solutions for the special requirements of the oil and gas industry.

RAMPART PRODUCTS was born from a desire to provide great customer service with a reasonable delivery time to those in need of HPHT electrical connectors.

Rampart’s team is comprised of individuals who offer decades of engineering experience in the oil and gas industry. Skill sets range from designing complete downhole tool systems to creating efficient manufacturing processes, along with in-depth knowledge of engineering design and manufacturing of HPHT electrical connectors.

HAKORA Sealing Technology GmbH has a very wide range of services and partners. With years of experience in sealing technology, we convince our customers of our ability to deliver a unique commitment to product quality, a technological leadership in materials and production equipment, and our excellent customer service. We integrate design and engineering, materials expertise, and manufacturing.

  • Single Pin and Coaxial
  • Multi-Pin
  • Rotatable
  • Boots
  • Contact Blocks
  • Contact Rings
  • Contact Segments